Stress is not a new term, but people today tend to throw it around without thinking much about where it comes from and even less about its true implications. Without answers to these valuable questions, how can any individual expect to achieve any true level of stress relief?

What is Stress?

Stress is more than just that headache you get after dealing with rowdy kids or a tough work assignment. Stress is the neurohormonal response from the body that sends adrenaline and cortisol surging into your bloodstream. This can give you the short term energy and focus needed to overcome the current situation, which is an excellent and wonderful tool for the body. However, the body isn’t meant to maintain those levels of effort and strain over long periods of time.

Instead, the shaky, nervous jitters that we associate with the word stress are the symptoms of extended stress scenarios. Over time, these can lead to feelings of sadness, irritation, and even angry. Some people experience shaky, nervous jitters after extended stress. Stress can also induce other negative reactions, like digestion issues, insomnia, and headaches, each with their own plethora of psychological and physical damages. At this point the person may be trapped within a cycle of stresses not easy to escape from. No wonder stress relief is searched on Google 90,000 times each month.

Can Chiropractic Provide Stress Relief?

The answer is yes! Chiropractic care enables your own body to correct itself by removing the common blockages and “glitches” that the human body produces. By reducing or removing their negative impact, we encourage and strengthen the body in it natural ability to heal. Chiropractic is not in the business of fixing symptoms but rather helping your body adapt to life at a higher level. Stress relief is just a small portion of the results that focused and consistent chiropractic care can inspire the body to achieve.

What next?

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