Transmutation of Evolution Series

This class is one in a series of classes that is excellent for individuals committed to their own healing, evolution and enlightenment. You may join us at any time during the year. These Quickening Transmutation Classes are scheduled to heal, clear, and transmute negative, and at times destructive, issues stored at core levels of each participant’s being; found at the ancestral, DNA, cellular, ego, soul and/or chakra levels.

The powerful transmutation of any core concepts, belief systems and thought forms within our inner quantum field, will shift our reality in such a way that the full support of Divine Guidance and the Infinite Incorruptible Source becomes more clearly and powerfully evident. This easing and smoothing of an individual’s reality not only provides a similar stage for that individual’s personal sphere of influence, it also provides quantum transmutation for mass consciousness as a whole.


Cash, Money, & Abundance

Part 1 Wednesday, November 13th 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Part 2 Saturday, December 7th 11AM – 2:30 PM
Each class will be different and transmute the shadow we carry about cash, money, abundance, poverty, being paid, etc. You are welcome to attend one or both.
Investment: $65 per class or $110 for both
Location: Innate Life Chiropractic

Quickening Boundaries

Saturday December 14th 12PM – 5PM

Multidimensional Boundaries are essential for maintaining, supporting and protecting the integrity of a whole, healthy and peaceful well-being. Please join us during this 4.5-hour esoteric shamanic journey as we explore, define and establish powerful multidimensional boundaries.

The end result is a strong sense of empowerment, peaceful clarity and a differentiation between one’s self and the energetic, psychic, and dimensional world around us.

Topics Covered Include:
Energetic Anatomy
Grounding, Sourcing, and Centering
Creating and Developing Boundaries
Energetic Hygiene

Investment: $110 ($55 if repeating)
Location: Innate Life Chiropractic

One Day Immersion Experience – Columbus, OH

Join Dr. Nathan and Dr. Zach Thomas for this exclusive 1 day immersion that includes The reCONNECT: Adjusting session and a Multidimensional Boundaries class.

9a-12p – The reCONNECT: Adjusting Session
12-1:45pm – Lunch
2-6:30pm – Boundaries Class

Investment: $175 per person, $300 per couple Register Here
Location: Ebb and Float, Columbus OH