Trusting Your Body Workshop

“How do I trust my body?”

This was a question asked to me, by a practice member recently. How do you trust your body when most of the evidence you have says that it is un-trustworthy?

Many of us live in the perspective that our bodies are machines that, sooner or later, will break down. And usually it will be in some catastrophic way. Does this sound familiar?

What it often feels like is that we were dropped off in these bodies with no owner’s manual. Like being given the keys to a fighter jet, when we’ve never taken a single flying class.

Searching For An Answer

This led me to create a brand new workshop that I will be doing in-house, every week. Trusting Your Body will be held every Tuesday at 7PM, right here at Innate Life Chiropractic.

By blending cutting edge science, ancient wisdom, and Vitalistic philosophy I will help you:

  • Understand your body and what it is trying to do
  • Discover what can interfere with your health
  • Begin to cultivate more trust in your body and more freedom in your life

This workshop is open to all. I look forward to seeing you there.

Trusting Your Body Invitation

If you are in the Northwest suburbs; Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, or Barrington you are in easy driving distance and we’d love to have you.

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