We are especially interested in the “tone” of your body, which is reflected in the tightness of your spinal cord.

SOT stands for Sacro Occipital Technique, a chiropractic technique designed to help normalize the relationship between the pelvis and the head. It allows for an unwinding of the spine from the polar ends.

Your Foundation

The integrity of the spine, and the function of the nervous system it protects, begins with the pelvis. This foundation is constantly subjected to the pull of gravity. When stability is lost, it produces effects throughout your body.

The Cranium

Proper control of every cell and tissue of your body is affected by bones of the skull and tension on your brain & spinal cord. Think of your spinal cord as a string on a harp. Is it flexible and healthy? Or stretched and drawn tight?

In SOT, cranial adjusting is done using gentle, consistent contacts on the bones of the skull. Even though your skull may feel like a helmet, the bones have the ability to gentle expand and contract. With our gentle adjusting they begin to work together as a unit.

Using Gravity As an Advantage

We use wedge-shaped devices known as “blocks” to help correct your spine and properly “tune” your nervous system. By knowing exactly where to position these blocks, we use the weight of your body to make corrections, naturally. Rather than working against gravity, we can use it as an advantage.